This is a list of all my current free and paid healing offers.

I am often asked where to start with any of my healing offers. My response is simple, start where you can with the time and resources that you have. You will find that ALL my offers are potent and powerful regardless of their pricing. My FREE offers have the same magic as my paid ones. They are all created with LOVE for YOU with a deep intention of awakening and activating your inner HEALER.

Whatever or whoever brought you here did so for a reason.

You are called to be with and heal something deep within you. I hope that you hear the call and start your healing journey with any of my offers that speak to you.

Become your own Healer and start healing your energetic wounds NOW!

FREE For You

The Story Of The Zodiac

The Story Of The 12 Sisters And Brothers Of The Zodiac to help you better understand the healing archetypes of Astrology


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Your Energetic Wounds Quiz

Determine what your energetic wounds are and how they show up in your life


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Your Crystal Healing Personality Quiz

Discover your crystal healing personality and the next steps to deepen your crystal healing


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Activate The Light Of Your Inner Child Guided Meditation

Activate and awaken the inner light and potential of your inner child


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Allow Your Life To Flow EFT Tapping Meditation

Support your body and nervous system during inner & outer stress


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Quick Daily Check-in Guided Meditation

Connect with your inner child and identify your daily needs


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Crystal Healing Myths Mini Email Course

Learn common misconceptions about crystal healing and redefine how you see crystals


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Crystal Healing Membership

Chakra Bliss Vault Crystal Healing Membership

Heal your energetic wounds anywhere and anytime. Clear, ground, transform, expand, and nourish your energy system with easy to access and follow crystal energy healing sessions and more.



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Healing Meditations and Recorded Healing Bundles

Activate The Light Of Your Inner Child Guided Meditation

Deep Chakra Healing With Crystals - Spiraling Soul Journeying Meditations

Deeply heal your chakras with two spiraling soul meditation journeys that will guide you through crystal healing and discovering your inner healing oasis as well as connecting with your guides and receiving soul guidance.


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Activate The Light Of Your Inner Child Guided Meditation

Deepen Your Healing - Recorded Crystal Healing Bundle

Jump start and deepen your healing with four 45-minute crystal energetic wound healing sessions and support your energetic well-being.


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Activate The Light Of Your Inner Child Guided Meditation

The Alchemy Of Khemet - Soul Journeying Meditations

Reconnect with the LOVE that you are and the LOVE that always surrounds you. Go on an inner pilgrimage to discover the sacredness within you with 10 magical soul journeying meditations into the healing Alchemy of Khemet (Egypt).


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Self-Healing Journals

Crystal Healing Journal

Go on an enchanted journey to help you cultivate a loving relationship with crystals, yourself, your soul, soul helpers, and the soul of life through a 21-day step by step guided crystal healing practice.


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40 Days Of Shanti Mantra Journal

Dip your toes into the magic of mantras and add peace into your life in whatever area it is needed most with this enchanted 40 day guided healing practice.


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40 Days Of Gratitude Journal

Take a soul journey to discover the nectar or the sweetness in your life in all her forms and seasons and fill your heart with love with this magical and myth-infused 40 day healing practice.


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Mantras Of Love Journal

Immerse yourself in mantras of love while you write in this journal with a different love mantra on each dotted page open to beautiful possibilities and potentials.


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Online Courses

A Drop Of Om On Intuition Online Course

Start a relationship with your inner knowing to build confidence and trust. Discover your unique intuition style. Learn three tools to access your intuition immediately. Learn how to look for signs from the universe. 


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Introduction To EFT Tapping Online Course

Learn a quick, effective and powerful stress management tool and release long-standing limiting beliefs and patterns.


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Tending To Your Needs Online Course

Recognize, name, prioritize and meet your needs with or without help. Learn beautiful tools and methods that will support you when you don’t have the time, resources or the energy to meet your needs.


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Crystal Healing Simplified Online Course

Begin to heal and meditate with crystals or deepen your existing partnership with them, and cultivate a loving relationship with your crystals, yourself, your soul helpers, and the soul of life.


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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Channeled Guidance And Soul Readings

Receive deep intuitive guidance to support you in your soul journey.¬†Experience Astrology Readings, Intuitive Chakra Readings, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, Quantum Time Collapsing Readings, Tea Leaf Readings, and Turkish Coffee Readings‚Äč.

$111 for 15 minutes

$222 for 30 minutes (You get 44% of one session per year as a Chakra Bliss Vault Member)

$666 for 90 minutes

$1333 for Whole Life Timing Soul Astrology Reading (90 min reading + 90 min chart preparation)

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Private Healing Sessions

Private Inner Child Energetic Wound Healing Sessions

Heal the wounds of your inner child to access more vitality, abundance, freedom, and joy in all aspects of your life.

$444 for a single 1 hour session (You get 44% of one session per year as a Chakra Bliss Vault Member)

$1266 for a 3-session package (5% off regular price, $422/session)

$1998 for a 5-session package (10% off regular price, $399/session)

$3774 for a 10-session package (15% off regular price, $377/session)

Payment plans are available for all session packages

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Intuitive Coaching for Healers

Intuitive Coaching For Healers

Take your online healing business to the next level with personalized deep inner child healing to remove blockages and limitations, intuitive coaching to activate your inner potential, and strategic marketing and branding advice to map your next steps.

$444 for a single 1 hour session

Available Soon

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Online and In-Person Workshops

Chakra Bliss Group Healing

Clear and expand your energy field with this workshop, which will help you experience the magic of crystals and crystal healing.

Dates and pricing TBD

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Crystal Healing Book in progress

Available Soon


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Affiliate Collaborations

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Become an A Drop Of Om affiliate to support a woman-owned business and the healing journey of all who will choose to take part in the healing offers, and earn a generous commission.

As an affiliate, you will earn 44% commission on every online product purchase and 11% commission on every healing, coaching, or intuitive reading purchase.


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