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The Story Of The 12 Sisters And Brothers Of The Zodiac

To help you better understand the healing archetypes of Astrology

This is a magical Astrology Story. I've written her at a time when all the archetypal forces of the Zodiac started to speak to me as an Astrologer.

This is a story that is meant to touch your heart and soul. There's nothing technical in it as it relates to Astrology. Only that this particular story is based not on the traditional birth chart but one that was created based on Atlantean Astrology. You will see a copy of this Star Genesis Chart in the story (also the picture above). Do you need to know about it? No. Do you need to understand it fully? Also, no. You simply need to tune into it with the deeper parts of you that aren't your surface mind. And this story is meant to awaken and engage those parts, which are your heart, soul, and the essence of your being.

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