Reconnect with the LOVE that you are and the LOVE that always surrounds you

Go on an inner pilgrimage to discover the sacredness within you with 10 magical soul journeying meditations into the healing Alchemy of Khemet (Egypt).

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You are invited to go on a magical journey into the healing Alchemy of Khemet


This is Damla Aktekin, Inner Child Healer, Crystal Healing Teacher, and Soul Healing Writer.

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I have been so blessed to have visited Khemet and stepped foot on her magical sacred locations. Khemet is the ancient name of Egypt. 

I created 10 powerful soul journeying guided meditations for you.

Through these meditations, you'll get to experience the magic of Khemet first-hand.

These guided meditations are inspired by the actual places I visited and spiritual experiences I had in each sacred location.

They are fully infused with the alchemical healing energies of Khemet and all her Gods, Goddesses, and sacred temples.

The word al-chem-y comes from the word Khem-et.

Khem-et means the black land, the fertile land, and the sacred magical land.

Alchemy is being transformed by love. Alchemy is feeling into who and what you are, which is LOVE, and who or what surrounds you, which is also LOVE.

Alchemy was present at every part of my soul pilgrimage to Egypt, and is infused deeply into all of these meditations. 

Whether you decide to go on an actual soul pilgrimage to Egypt or not, you get to journey within through these meditations.

This is a chance for you to go on an inner pilgrimage to discover the sacredness within you and to reconnect with the LOVE that you are and the LOVE that always surrounds you.

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These meditations offer you a chance to

Journey Within


Whether you will actually take a physical journey to Khemet or another sacred site (or you have already been on such a soul pilgrimage), or not, your whole life is a journey.

Through alchemical channeled guided meditations, you will experience a soul pilgrimage meditative journeying to the magical land of Khemet. 

This is a chance for you to go on an inner pilgrimage to discover the sacredness within you and to reconnect with the LOVE that you are and the LOVE that always surrounds you.

Connect With The Forces Of Nature


Ancient Egyptians named their Gods and Goddesses to represent Nature. They called them Neters or Neteru. They knew that if they talked to nature, she would answer them back.

These meditations are a chance to be guided by these sacred forces of nature represented in the God/Goddess forms. You will get to let yourself feel the essence of them regardless of your belief system.

As you journey through Khemet’s alchemical symbols, sacred sites, Gods, and Goddesses, your body will absorb their energetic goodness deeply.

Enter Into A Multidimensional Soul Journey


This is a journey of becoming aware of multidimensional layers and realities. You will enter into the quantum realm where there’s no time or space. In this realm, simply through your intention, you can travel anywhere and experience anything you want.

You will travel to the sacredness inside of you, through the energetic portal of Khemet whenever you need to. 

You will get to keep coming back to these meditations to deepen your healing, journeys, and soul messages.

Start your alchemical soul journeying into Khemet NOW

Here are the sacred sites you will visit and the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses you will meet through these meditations

1. Meeting Mother Gaia Meditation At The Pyramids of Giza And The Sphinx

When I first saw the pyramids from the balcony of my hotel in Cairo, I simply sat down and wept. It felt like re-uniting with a loved one that I haven't seen in a long while. The energy of the pyramids and the Sphinx is palpable whether you sit right next to them, watch them from a mile apart, or simply gaze at their pictures. Give yourself the gift of re-uniting with their magical energy through this soul journeying meditation.

'...You will walk right in between his paws and sit down. The pyramids are right behind him and right behind you cheering you on. 

As you sit down, you sense the sacredness of this space. You sense that the Sphinx has been here for millenia, much longer than what people assume. You realize that he has witnessed so many people and their lives. He has been there for them. To encourage them to move towards what they love, and move away from what they don’t love and what doesn’t feel like love...'

2. Finding Balance With The Goddess Maat Meditation At The Unas Pyramid In Saqqara 

The Pyramid of Unas is collapsed. But the heart of it, the underground sacred burial chamber remains. When I went down there, I immediately felt deeply emotional with Mother Gaia’s energy. The strong energy didn’t feel imposing, scary, or strange. It felt like hugging a long-lost relative, it felt like deep love. The hieroglyphs and the carvings were full of energy. This meditation captures that energy and lets you immerse yourself in it.

'...Here in the underground, Mother Gaia’s LOVE is strong. It hits you like meeting a long-lost relative, like hugging them at the airport after not seeing them for years. You can feel the love deep in your bones. You feel like you are meeting a long lost part of you. Finally you are re-connected and re-united. Mother Gaia’s loving energy envelops you and awakens the LOVE that you are...'

3. Igniting Your Creativity With The Goddess Hathor and The Sky Goddess Nut At The Dandara Temple

Dandara is one of the most beautiful temples of Egypt hands down. Seeing the amazing blue color, the hieroglyphs, and the carvings is a true experience. This is a temple of deep feminine wisdom. Through this meditation, you'll enjoy meeting the Goddess Hathor, Goddess Nut, and feel their magical touch reach the depths of your being.

'...You say ‘Goddess Hathor, I have missed you. Remind me how to reignite my creativity. Remind me how to be like you and how to flow with the cycles of life and creation.’’ 

She looks at you lovingly. She says ‘Welcome my child. I have missed you. Nut has watched over you everyday and I have been with you. I am here to hold you in my embrace and remind you all that you have forgotten.’...'

4. Meeting Your Soul Guides With The Goddess Isis Meditation At The Abydos Temple

This is the temple where I saw a lot of orbs in my pictures and felt the presence of light beings. It was truly magical! This meditation will help you connect with three of your light guides and receive any messages, energies and guidance you need.

'...You are now called deeper into this temple. Deep into the heart of one of the ceremonial chambers, the holy of holies. You realize that Isis, the Goddess of the Feminine, beauty, love and light is calling out to you. You instinctively find her room. Her room feels soft and inviting. There are no depictions of war or weapons here, only gentleness. You realize that you are aware of her energy and she shows up in front of you as a beautiful Egyptian woman. 

 She takes your hand and sits you down, she then sits right in front of you. She says ‘Close your eyes. I will be here to keep you safe as you invite your light family, your soul guides in’...'

5. Being Held In Love By The Goddess Sekhmet Meditation At The Karnak Temple

Visiting Karnak and the Goddess Sekhmet was my most powerful initiation and experience in Egypt. I truly treasure every minute I got to spend in Karnak Temple and in the presence of Sekhmet. Sekhmet represents the strong, fierce, and compassionate Mother who loves you unconditionally. She sees and accepts ALL of you. My hope is for you to experience her magic through this meditation whenever you need to.

'...You go towards her and hug her. Your soul can rest here for eternity. She sees you. She knows you, and she understands and accepts you completely. This is the most unconditional of unconditional loves. As you hug her and breathe here, you realize that there’s no need for words. She already knows all your intentions, all your worries, all your dreams and desires. She knows who you have been, who you are now, and who you are becoming. She is welcoming all versions of you with open arms. She is transmitting to you through her touch, all that you need, all that you’ve ever needed, and all that you’ll ever need....'

Savor the alchemy of Khemet with these Soul Journeying Meditations
6. Soaking Up The Sun With The God Horus At The Edfu Temple

Edfu is a wonderful sun-filled temple. As a temple dedicated to Horus, it definitely holds the golden healing rays of the sun. No matter where you live, I hope you feel the energetic goodness of the sun while listening to this meditation.

'...You suddenly see the God Horus materialize in front of you. He has the head of a hawk and the body of a human. He is the son of Osiris and Isis, made out of magic. He is the representation of the fierce healing rays of the sun.

You say to him ‘So good to see you, I have missed you. I am here to receive your blessings.’ He says to you ‘So good to see you again. I have missed you. All my blessings are yours.’...'

7. Finding Healing Within With The Gods Horus and Sobek At The Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo used to be a hospital and a healing center. This meditation is all about finding healing within.  You'll be guided to balance your shadow and light. The invitation is for letting your discomfort speak to you, guide you, and tell you its stories.

'...This is the temple of duality. This is the place of sitting with your discomfort with compassion. This is the place to listen to the stories of both your comfort and discomfort. 

Close your eyes and feel the presence of all the light-workers and healers in your blood and soul family standing right alongside Mother Gaia. We are now inviting them to come and sit behind you, as you sit with your trauma, karma, fears, worries, anger, loneliness, sadness, and discomfort. ...'

8. Connecting With The Divine Feminine Within With The Goddess Isis At The Philae Temple

To visit the temple of the Goddess Isis on the beautiful waters of the Nile was an amazing experience. You can feel the presence of the Goddess of beauty, love, and feminine power in every breath. This meditation is here to help you capture this beauty and remind you that when you shine, life shines with you.

'...Isis motions you to go into the water. You oblige, and step down. You find that you can stand in these beautiful lovely waters. You begin to feel a wave of emotion in your chest. It is so beautiful and so magical to be swimming in the waters of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. It is like swimming in the womb. The fertile waters of Mother Gaia envelop you, washing you clean of your worries and fears. You are being blessed by these waters. ...'

9. Your Mer-Ka-Ba Initiation And Rebirth With The Goddess Isis And God Osiris In The King’s Chamber In The Great Pyramid Of Giza

This was my second biggest initiation and rebirth experience in Egypt. Egypt is a sacred land rich with portals, gateways, and soul doors. The King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid is the most potent portal I have ever visited. I was given a heart-alchemy meditation and Mer-Ka-Ba sacred geometry initiation while within the chamber. This meditation is a chance for you to experience the same initiation with the help of Isis and Osiris. 

'...You begin to breathe gently and look deeply into the center of your chest, right next to your physical heart. You keep breathing and looking deeper. And breathing and looking deeper.

Suddenly a huge pyramid emanates from your heart and envelops your entire body. You then see another -upside down- pyramid doing the same. Together they envelop you. Together they activate your Mer-Ka-Ba light body. Inside of these two pyramids, at the center is your heart. And you know without a doubt that you can feel into and access all the soul downloads, guidance and gifts you ever needed, need, or will need....'

10. Opening Up To Your Next Soul Pilgrimage With Your Soul Guides Meditation

Whether you choose to go on a physical soul pilgrimage or not, there are lots of inner and outer soul journeys awaiting you. This meditation is here to help you connect with your next adventure and invite in guidance about your next spiritual journey. 

'...We will now invite your divine soul elders, helpers, and guides. They arrive and begin to surround you.

We now ask them to give you clarity and messages for your next soul pilgrimage and journey. Your next soul journey might be a physical one or it could be for deepening your soul to heart connection wherever you find yourself....'


Astrological New Moon and Full Moon Ritual

A magical Astrological New Moon and Full Moon Ritual together with two of the Khemet Meditations that take place during new moon and full moon. The ritual includes astrological degree symbology and how to work with it, as well as deep new and full moon intention setting, and more!

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MultipleĀ photosĀ of each sacred site which are infused with alchemical energy

A chance to experience these meditations whenever and wherever you like through the mobile app or by downloading them

A comprehensive list of my Khemet (Egypt) resources including articles, podcasts, books, Egyptian card decks, online courses, documentaries, and more

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