40 Days Of Shanti Mantra Journal

Dip your toes into the magic of mantras and add peace into your life in whatever area it is needed most with this enchanted 40 day guided healing practice

Dip Your Toes Into The Magic Of Mantras

"I feel lighter, more gentle, with an ease of flow! I'm working on being present and at peace and this has to do with my mantra practice. Amazing....and I'm enjoying every blissful second!!!"

Deb Tremblay

With this journal, I will walk you through a 40-day magical journey of adding more peace, calm, and love into your life by dipping your toes into the classical mantra practice. You will not only learn a wonderful practice but also a way to relate to yourself and your life in a brand new way.

This journal is your chance to learn to cultivate peace in your mind, body, and soul anywhere and anytime. In its lovely pages, I will walk you through all aspects of the classical 40-day mantra chanting practice STEP BY STEP with daily tips, lessons, and ways to deepen your practice. 

The nectar, the gift, the ultimate essence of what this journal offers you isn’t finding everlasting peace. It is diving wholeheartedly into a practice, a soul tool, a trusted companion that you can learn to rest and find comfort in.

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"Thank you!! Feeling mindful and present. I find myself using my "Om Shanti Om" numerous times during the day. It helps to quiet my mind and focus."

 Janis Sheldon

Mantras came into my life when I desperately needed peace. I was a new mom, drowning in what I now know were my energetic wounds coming out to the surface to be healed. My light-filled daughter needed me 24/7. Yet I found myself in a well of darkness that was getting darker and deeper with each day.

Nothing I knew worked. I couldn’t practice yoga, my body felt like a stranger. I couldn’t meditate, everything was too overwhelming. One day in the shower, I realized that I was either going to let this well of darkness swallow me whole or make a decision to climb my way out of it. How could I not choose the light when I knew that I was now responsible for another light-being? At that moment, spontaneously, I found myself chanting a mantra I knew. Something immediately shifted. I could breathe again. There was a tiny sense of clarity, hope, and light.

In the next few months, I held onto that thread of light like it was my life-line. I realized that chanting a mantra in my mind or out loud was something I could do while nursing and caring for my child. I started to read everything I could find on mantras. Chanting mantras became a daily beloved practice that gave me hope, resilience, and formed the basis of my healing and transformation.

Soon, a new desire emerged in me, I wanted to share what I was learning and how I was feeling thanks to my mantra practice. I created a workshop on mantras, teaching people how to add mantras into their daily life. I offered it multiple times in the US and Turkey. During that time, I wrote what you see in this book as an email series for people to find their way into the magic of mantras by themselves. You can read the story of how this book came into existence.

Mantras and what they taught me are a part of my life every single day. I now have a website and blog called A Drop Of Om (the name came to me in a dream). Not one day passes where I am not aware of what I am saying, thinking, or writing, or noticing what others say, share, and how they say it.

"I read and take action on A LOT of books, but I can’t remember the last time I have gotten this amount of impact from a book in a long time! I am on Day 15 and amazed at the little synchronicities and fun popping into each day. I am journaling each day. I have always loved chanting mantras but never took it to a committed practice, that makes such a difference (plus I do really well with an outlined plan in most areas of my life which makes this journal such a blessing)! This book is definitely a big gift to anyone who takes the time to go through each day with intention and care, and follow the prompts and guidance." 

Jennifer Ellis

Mantras, words, and sentences are vibrational tools that can enhance your life in ways that you cannot begin to imagine. Mantra practice is repeating a word or sentence out loud or in your mind to invite a chosen vibration into your life. Mantras are tools of the mind that help you safely dive into the endless well that is you and gather what you need. I believe that being peaceful is a journey, one that starts with a decision to brighten your light. Mantra can be a big part of that conscious creation and choosing your positive outlook moment to moment.

With this journal, I invite you to dip your toes into the magic of mantras. What I discovered is that knowing a ton on anything doesn’t mean a thing unless you see, feel, and sense into it for yourself. 40 Days of Shanti (which means peace) is an invitation to do just that.

Learn To Cultivate Peace Within

“I am loving it all! I appreciate the daily support and especially the inquiry. With a week under my belt, I feel more settled in the sense of being able to follow through. The mantra practice absolutely shifts negative thinking patterns for me that can be particularly pervasive this time of year. Funny thing- it seems Om Shanti Om has come up a few times in readings and daily life lately as if the universe is conspiring to support me. Not seeking perfection but some consistency.”

Nancy Sauter​​​​​

40 Days of Shanti Mantra Journal is an invitation for you to add peace into your life in whatever area it is needed most. With 40 days of mantra lessons and tips, I will give you a taste of the ancient, powerful, and transformative mantra practice.

If you have no idea about mantras and don’t know where/how to start adding them to your life, you are in the right place.

If you heard about mantras and want to try them on, this is your chance.

If you are already a mantra lover like me and want to re-ignite your practice, this is for you.

"I just finished following your 40 Days of Shanti practice. I can't even finish a bottle of antibiotics in time (!), yet I recited Om Shanti Om for 40 days without a hitch. Thank you so much for making this practice available. Going through it felt really good for me." 

Hulya Uzunoglu

This journal is for you if you have been seeking peace for a while amidst chaos, loneliness, and discomfort. This is for you if you tried meditation and it felt like a fruitless pursuit that you don’t know how to crack. This is for you if your mind doesn’t seem to cooperate with you, instead, it wanders around like a wild animal.

This is your chance to begin to choose the vibrational content of your life. You can begin to understand how the simple practice of mantra chanting can enhance your life and open up pathways and soul growth opportunities in you that you didn’t realize were there.

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"I just started my 40 Days of Shanti practice. Yesterday, when I became anxious about something at work I was able to remember to chant my mantra (Om Shanti Om). It assisted me in retrieving focus on the job at hand. Just enough to let the anxiety float by without staying as a cloud overhead as it has in the past."  

Trish Muse

This is me reaching out to you from my soul journey to yours, to remind you that light exists and still thrives in you.

Let’s take it one small step, one mantra bead, one breath and one day at a time.

No previous yoga, mantra, meditation, peace knowledge required.

Are you ready to begin?

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

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"I have been working through the 40 days practice multiple times using the 40 Days Of Shanti Mantra Journal. The first time through the journal I didn’t write much because I don’t feel like much of a journaller. But gradually I started writing more and it’s been therapeutic. Incidentally, my tip for going through the journal multiple times is to use a different writing tool each time. First I used a pencil, then a blue pen, now a red one. It’s rather fun to see what I wrote the previous times through. So, thanks for creating the journal. I’ve stuck with Om Shanti Om so far because I want as much peace in my life as I can get and I’m not done with chanting those words yet."  

P. F.