Private Inner Child Energetic Wound Healing Sessions

Heal the wounds of your inner child to access more vitality, abundance, freedom, and joy in all aspects of your life.


Everything you have ever been through is alive and present now. 

All that your inner children, your ancestors' inner children have lived through continue to live in the now. Your quantum field and DNA holds all these records. Your most pressing energetic wound becomes activated through your most wounded inner child at any given moment.

Talking isn't enough to heal your inner child. 

Most inner child trauma cannot be expressed or understood through words. It is stored through wordless sensations, emotions, and energetic constructs that are created in the moment of trauma. Your inner child is a multidimensional energetic being who responds to energetic communication. Just talking is not enough to access and heal all the layers that the inner child holds for you.

You can't do it yourself. 

Inner children require gentle hearing and hand-holding to come out to the surface. Most inner child trauma is stored so deep that you can't access all the layers just by yourself. Ignoring, meditating, physical exercise won't help if you haven't acknowledged and spent time with your inner child.

The time to heal is now. 

You get to choose to take the time to heal your inner child. Schedule your healing session with me today and activate your energy system for deeply healing your inner child.


"Not long after Damla and I started the inner child healing session, I got to a place of connection and the feeling of all the support available to me. 

I felt like everything is okay, and it has been a while since I felt like that. 

Damla is like your best friend and favorite aunt rolled into one. It felt like she knew everything I was going through and made me feel loved and supported in all of it. She makes it so simple to feel connected and empowered. A true gift."

Amy K.

Your inner child needs to be heard, seen, and taken care of. 

This is an enormous need most people don't realize that they have. All parts of you need to be heard, seen and understood, but taking care of the wordless inner child can create a huge inner transformation in your life.

You need regular inner child healing help. 

It is not a once and done thing. Most people need more support at the beginning and then -depending on their particular inner child's needs and trauma- regular healing sessions at least once or twice a year.

What you don't heal will continue to reappear as physical, emotional, financial, relationship, and career issues. 

What you ignore or don't prioritize to heal, especially if it is about your inner child, will come back to you again and again. Inner children tend to get really loud when they are ignored!

The health of your inner child defines how you respond to life. 

Most mindfulness and meditation advice talks about how no matter what happens outside you can choose what happens inside. In my experience, your inner child has a lot to say about what is happening inside of you.

Unless you take care of him/her and dive into the depths of healing the layers of your inner child trauma, it will be really hard to respond to life from a place of inner safety and security.

The health of your inner child determines what you receive from life. 

Life responds to your vibrational reality. All the abundance, love, care, support, intuition, and opportunities you receive depends on your inner child's ability to receive.

Unless you tend to your inner child, the health of your relationships, your career, and your financial health will be limited and dictated by your trauma patterns.


"I really appreciated my healing.

I thought when I signed up that it would be emotional or sad. But it was such a precious moment to connect with my inner child." 

Erica Lopez

When you heal your inner child...

You are healing an important part of the universe. 

You are a microcosm in a macrocosm. Whatever you take the time and resources to heal will reverberate into the cosmos.

You break generational cycles of trauma. 

You break the chain of passing your pain and your ancestors' pain onto your children and their children.

You can create soul resources to fall back on when you need it most. 

Your inner child is a beautiful ally. When she is taken care of, you have more inner resources to handle whatever life throws at you.

Through inner child healing you can experience:

Increased physical and emotional ease and comfort

Feeling grounded

Better sleep

Increased awareness

Relief and release

Calmness and crystal clarity

Better decision making

Freedom from repeating inner child wound patterns

Decreased reactivity and bursting emotions

Lack of repetitive non-life affirming thoughts

Letting go of the false and limiting beliefs

Forgiveness and letting go of resentments

A deeper connection with your soul and life

Deeply caring for your inner child

Feeling seen, heard and understood on a deep vibrational level

Better relationships and being able to be present for your life and for the people you love

Honoring and understanding the gifts of your ancestors and their inner children who live through you

Prioritize your healing.

Your inner child and the inner children of your ancestors need and want your care.


Client Love

“I have found Damla’s sessions extremely helpful
and honestly, life-changing.”

Gayle V.

“Damla is an authentic, intentional guide who is exceptional at listening (not only to what is being said, but to what isn’t being said as well), and navigating. She is like an oasis in such a noisy world.“

Elizabeth B.

"Damla is an extraordinary person and healer. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Damla.”

P. Johnson

“Damla has become one of my most valuable allies for my healing. She is a true healer in every sense of the word. She lives and breathes her craft of healing. I can’t say it enough, Damla is simply…..the real deal.”

M. V.

“Damla Aktekin is truly amazing. Her insights are SPOT ON and we made some deep progress on clearing my energetic field in just the first session.”

Kristin T.

“Thanks for the intensive session Friday. I feel more open, physically and emotionally. I feel myself connecting back to who I was as a child, when the world seemed magical and I felt magical. Thank you.”

Laurie R.

About Your Healer

Damla Aktekin is an Inner Child Energetic Wound Healer, Crystal Healing Teacher, and Soul Healing Writer who helps other self-healers and healers move beyond the energetic wounds of their inner children and shine brighter than they thought possible so that they can fully show up in their lives to heal themselves, their families, and their soul-tribe.

Damla is a clairaudient, clairvoyant, and intuitive light channel. Through moment-to-moment guidance and light channeling, she can sense, hear, decipher, and transform energy to assist people in healing their inner child energetic wounds.

Find out more about Damla

You need inner child healing when you experience...

Physical Issues

Your body is in constant discomfort

There are numb parts in your body that you can’t easily access

Even though you are sleeping well, eating well, exercising well, you still don’t feel good and OK some or most of the time

You aren’t able to meditate no matter how hard you try

Relationship, Career, and Financial Issues

You don’t know where you belong and don’t feel at home anywhere you go

Your efforts to change your life, relationships, career, or finances feel pointless as things don’t seem to change no matter how hard you try

You have family and relationship issues that include resentment, anger, sadness, anxiety or a mixture of all of the above

Emotional Issues

You get reactive easily and your emotions overflow as anger, anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, or addiction

You implode often with self-judgment, self-doubt, or self-anger

Life doesn’t flow and you feel stuck

Inner child healing can help you to...

Feel Better

Deeply nourish your body and soul

Build a resilient nervous system

Manage and release your stress better and more effectively

Become aware of your non-life-affirming vibrational patterns and replace them with new and life-enhancing ones

Improve Your Life

Become aware of how your inner child wounds may be affecting your life and connect the dots

Experience deep healing of your inner child energetic wounds

Fill your wellness reserves that will help you to work on the areas of your life that you want to improve on

Learn to reclaim your power and establish strong and kind boundaries and deep inner belonging

Create Flow

Get unstuck and move towards feeling and being whole

Open up to receiving intuition, support, abundance, love, or anything else you need

Learn to move through the emotional waves of life

Remember the light and love that you already are

Every inner child is unique and precious.

We all deserve to heal and feel good.

Take responsibility to heal your inner child NOW

Single Session


Get introduced to inner child healing, working on one wound or goal

  • 1 hour healing session over Zoom
  • Recorded per request
  • A combination of sound healing with tuning forks, crystal healing, EFT Tapping, oracle card reading, moment to moment intuitive guidance from soul guides, and light channeling

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Session Packages

3 Session Package


Explore the layers of a single inner child wound or goal

  • 1 hour healing session over Zoom
  • Recorded per request
  • A combination of sound healing with tuning forks, crystal healing, EFT Tapping, oracle card reading, moment to moment intuitive guidance from soul guides, and light channeling

10% off regular price of $666


2-Payment Plan


5 Session Package


Deep dive of understanding and healing a single inner child wound or goal

  • 1 hour healing session over Zoom
  • Recorded per request
  • A combination of sound healing with tuning forks, crystal healing, EFT Tapping, oracle card reading, moment to moment intuitive guidance from soul guides, and light channeling

15% off regular price of $1110


3-Payment Plan


10 Session Package


Life changing transformation through deep healing of an inner child wound or goal by exploring all layers of it

  • 1 hour healing session over Zoom
  • Recorded per request
  • A combination of sound healing with tuning forks, crystal healing, EFT Tapping, oracle card reading, moment to moment intuitive guidance from soul guides, and light channeling

20% off regular price of $2220


5-Payment Plan



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