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The Story Of The Zodiac

The Story Of The 12 Sisters And Brothers Of The Zodiac to help you better understand the healing archetypes of Astrology

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Your Energetic Wounds Quiz

Determine what your energetic wounds are and how they show up in your life

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Your Crystal Healing Personality Quiz

Discover your crystal healing personality and the next steps to deepen your crystal healing

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Crystal Healing Myths Mini Email Course

Learn common misconceptions about crystal healing and redefine how you see crystals

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Activate The Light Of Your Inner Child Guided Meditation

Activate and awaken the inner light and potential of your inner child

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Allow Your Life To Flow EFT Tapping Meditation

Support your body and nervous system during inner & outer stress

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Quick Daily Check-in Guided Meditation

Connect with your inner child and identify your daily needs

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Chakra Bliss Party Facebook Group

Join the community of self-healers and healers for healing inspiration, reflection, and connection

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My newsletters are weekly'ish love notes to inspire you on your healing journey. 

The writing is intuitively guided, meaning I tune into the loving multiverse and ask what wishes to come forth. Mostly the writing comes to me in or after a dream, or after working on a healing layer in myself or with a client. Through the years, I realized that this work, although it comes through me, isn’t mine, it is yours.

When you read my emails, I advise you to tune in not just with your eyes and mind, but with your heart and soul to receive the most out of them.

Love from the community

“Your notes help to keep me going. Thank you!”

Julie H.

“Damla, I love your emails.  I read every word.  I am so glad you are in my life. ”

M. V.

“Thank you Damla for your beautiful, inspirational messages.”

S. A.

“This is so powerful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.”
Asha F.

“Your latest messages have been exactly what I needed to hear. Your emails have done so much for me! I find your emails to be inspiring and they fill me on tough days.”


“Well, I am in tears.”


“I always find such inspiration and love in your newsletters. It has been a rough year over here and I just want you to know the wonderfulness you put out into the world has been of support to me.”

Jennifer E.

“Dear Damla, I wanted to tell you that I LOVE this. It resonated SO MUCH with me right now, that I’ve even started writing these sentences into my journal tonight, sitting on my yoga mat in the half-light, this snowy Sunday evening before a new moon’s dawn tomorrow. I wanted to say thank you for this, and keep doing what you’re doing. It’s so obviously meant to be your path! Lots of love from across the ocean.”


“These are always so great, but this one? Hit me right in the heart. I so needed this, and it was delivered with such sweetness. Thank you. xo.”


“Thank you for these reminders. I needed them. All of my life lessons are around this right now — surrendering to and embracing and listening to the whole of me, even the messy parts I want to hide or eliminate.”


“Thank you for this reminder, Damla. I am so very grateful for your work and for the emails I get at just the right time when my ego is sometimes speaking loudly and retelling those familiar stories. Thank you thank you thank you! I am grateful for your presence in my life and for your courage to live your life present with whatever arises. Thank you for helping me to re-member. To gather the parts of myself back together here and hold them and love and accept and forgive them all — me all back into the oneness that I never actually left. Only in my mind and in the stories. ”

C. L.

“This one really resonated with me Damla, thank you.”

M. E.

“Damla, Thank you!!  this is beautiful!! Love you!!”


“That was wonderful.”

P. Y.

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