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The Goddesses In Pluto In Aquarius

astrology Jan 18, 2024
The Goddesses In Pluto In Aquarius

If you follow any kind of Astrology commentary, you probably have seen something mentioned about Pluto going into Aquarius on January 20, 2024 (If you didn't, you might be living under an Astrological rock! It's literally everywhere.) Pluto will stay in the sign of Aquarius until September 1, with a quick detour into Capricorn, then will move into Aquarius for good on November 19, 2024, to comfortably stay there for the next 20 years. Not only that, but you also probably saw a lot of comments about how Pluto in Aquarius will affect anything from AI to technological advancements to how we operate as a local and global community. All those are valid comments and interpretations of Pluto as a masculine archetype operating within the masculine archetypes of Aquarius.

I will go in the opposite direction and tell you about the Goddesses I see in Pluto and the femininity I recognize in Aquarius and explain what it all means for you. I feel that this unexplored side is important in not just understanding the feminine themes in this major Astrological Transit, but for you to be able to really feel into and embody what it is asking you to be and become.



The Feminine Side Of Aquarius - Becoming A Practical Love-Pourer

Let's start with the feminine side of Aquarius. I have a few things to say about it since my Sun and Mars are in 0 degrees Aquarius, which will be touched by where the Sun and Pluto will be on January 21st, 2024 (which happens to be my birthday).

Aquarius is often depicted as the rebellious archetype that is concerned with the way the humanity is advancing. Yes and yes, but Aquarius is so much more than that. Aquarius femininity is a creator, she creates something out of nothing, like the water fountain she holds that keeps on giving. Aquarius is the collector of ideas, not for the sake of collecting them, but for the sake of making their life and everyone's life better (hence the 300 open tabs in my phone, laptop, and mind, and the 500 ingredients in my pantry). Aquarius is deeply sensitive, to not just their emotions and ideas, but to those that belong to the people around them as well as the collective consciousness. It is probably one of the few signs that really feels the overall themes of humanity, sometimes without knowing that they feel them. 

Aquarius is deeply practical. I think this is the one feminine part that is often overlooked about us. With our deep knowing of the airwaves and vibrations, we feel into what's happening in the cosmic landscape of our species, and then we say, ok let's get to the bottom of this, what does this mean for me and for us practically. Being practical means you take what's available to you and combine it with your available resources (time, space, connections, and technology), and you make something out of it. Sometimes you make soup. Sometimes you gather your community for activism. Sometimes you create an article (like this one). Sometimes you organize a global online summit. Moms who embody Aquarius energy know this. Being infinitely practical and infinitely love-pouring means you know what's in your cupboard at all times, and you can whip up a soup, flu-healing elixir, or calming tincture for you or anyone in the family at any time. 

What this all means for you is simple: Pluto in Aquarius will ask you to gather all your reserves of food, nourishment, and craft supplies in your pantry and cupboards (and inner realms), and make something practical and useful with it. She will put you to work to make all sorts of creative potions, soulful gatherings, love-filled writings, healing artwork, and more. Any excuses for not creating with love, through love, and for love? She will strike you with the feeling of the urgency of our entire species, asking you to cultivate and pour your love out. You better hear and answer the call!


Let's talk about the Goddesses I see in Pluto. There are three main ones that want to be mentioned, Inanna, Kali, and Sekhmet.

Burney Relief with Goddess Inanna currently in British Museum in London

Goddess Inanna - Leaving The Trauma Layers Behind And Birthing The New You

The ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna is the perfect depiction of Pluto. Inanna willingly travels to the underworld and sheds 7 layers of clothing and adornments (7 chakra trials, 7 faces of the ego, 7 layers of trauma). In the end, when she reaches the underworld, she is completely naked and vulnerable. She dies, and gets help to be reborn again.

I feel that the Pluto's Inanna-shaped feminine side will ask us to let go of a lot in the next 20 years. No more fake adornments, no more ego-shaped masks. You will be asked to go beyond the ego-constructions within and around you. You will be asked to give birth to a new you who is ready to shed the layers of trauma and dysfunction. You will be asked to be more and more the real, soul-full you. 

In doing that, you will be also asked to lean into the help of your tools, Healers, safe people, beings, and places. You don't have to do it all alone. But the constant birthing of your soul-filled being at every moment cannot be put off any more.

Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild *

Goddess Kali - Owning Your Choice To Be Here For Your Unique Soul Lessons

Goddess Kali is the ultimate soul-warrior. Just like Pluto, she is interested in seeing you naked, vulnerable, and without-ego. Her methods are a little questionable at times. She will take you to hell and back if it means getting you to embody more soul or more love. She will love you so much that she will take you deeper and deeper into your pain and trauma until you are ready to cut what cuts you off from being the LOVE that you are. She holds her crescent sword fiercely and collects the skulls of your previous versions and incarnations. No one can escape her fierce grace. She is the dark mother who will love you to death and will ask you to shed everything that isn't LOVE.

Kali's one saving grace is that she is fair. She won't ask you to do anything your soul hasn't signed up for. She has made arrangements with you beforehand, where you signed the dotted line that said 'I'm accepting this incarnation and all the karma and lessons that I need to work through to embody even more LOVE.' It was your choice that made you take on the weight of karma, trauma, ego, and not-LOVE, so that you could live into the freedom that you are. 

What it all means for you for the next 20 years is this: you can experience every single hard thing as Kali's or life's punishments for you, or you can feel into the elegance of your choice to be right here and right now for particular soul lessons. Pluto transitions aren't known for being easy-peasy. Knowing and feeling into what this incarnation means for you and why you may have chosen to be here will be important. Your unique soul lessons, designed by you and Kali, will keep coming. You can lean into her fiery warrior grace and know that everything is all happening for you.


Sekhmet Picture I took in Kom-Ombo Temple in Egypt

Goddess Sekhmet - Accepting Your Responsibility Of Fierce Self-Care And Self-Love

Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess of the fierce mother. She is the lioness who protects her cubs. She is also the extremely picky groomer when it comes to herself and her children. If you ever lived with a cat you know that they spend at least half of the day grooming themselves (and hence they smell amazing!), and the other half snoozing comfortably somewhere.

Sekhmet is no stranger to dark corners and shadows. She is the huntress who will chase shadows and mice alike. She will roar to scare every fear away. She knows what lurks in the shadows and she is not afraid to venture into it. She will call you to do the same but with one big difference to Kali: she will first get ready for shadow hunting with lots and lots and lots of me-time! :)

Sekhmet takes Pluto's darkness-death-and-rebirth loving nature and turns it upside down and says 'It is my responsibility to take care of myself so that I can be here for this transformation and shadow hunting.' She will command you to take that nap, drink that green juice, and book that massage. She knows that no snooze will go wasted. It will only make you more resilient, faster, and a better hunter when you are going after your shadows and trauma. She will happily guide you into indulging yourself in every possible way so that your nervous system can have the most delicious cat stretch she can imagine! Lean into Sekhmet's lesson of fierce self-love and self-care as your core responsibility to be able to move through Pluto in Aquarius times with softness, calmness, and grace.


All in all, what I have to say is that the next 20 years will be deeply transformational times that will ask you of everything. Pluto in Aquarius is asking you to change, shed your old selves, chase after your traumas, create through LOVE, remember why you chose to come here, and self-care like a champion as you do so! Make sure to lean into all your resources and LOVE whenever possible!


With lots of LOVE,



P. S.

If you are new to my writing and healing work (or not), I welcome you here with open arms. My hope and intention for you is to receive the vibrational essence of my writing, each sentence is a LOVE letter channeled through me to you. Read with your whole body, let the soul message touch your heart, and allow the images, words, and stories to deeply nourish you.

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