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Regu-Loving Yourself

healing inspiration May 01, 2024
Regu-loving and regu-love yourself

I talk a lot about regulating your nervous system. It recently occurred to me that it is less about a controlling effort to put yourself into order and more about LOVE.

What if you see all your self-healing efforts as regu-loving or regularly loving yourself?

What if it is less about perfection and achievement, and more about gently reminding your inner children (aka your body) that you are here for them?

What if healing yourself could be as simple as finding ways to regularly love yourself?

What if you could add crystal magic into the mix to access the LOVE that exists in the quantum world while you regu-love? (see below for a special offer for this!)

What if instead of thinking of healing as a chore, you could open up to simply extending some kindness to yourself?


Here are some healing mantras of love you can come back to for regu-loving yourself:

I am open to being kind to myself.

'What kindness can I show myself today?' is one of my favorite questions. Sometimes it is putting on my glasses so that my eyes can rest. Sometimes it is slowing down while doing my dishes. Sometimes it is letting myself rest with a crystal healing and letting what I did that day to be enough. In what ways have you been showing kindness to yourself lately?

I am here for me.

Such a simple but beautiful statement. You are acknowledging all parts of you and all your inner children with this powerful mantra. You are telling them that they all deserve your attention, kindness, and your loving gaze. I love placing my hand on my heart as I often come back to this mantra.

I let others be who they are as I am who I am.

Can you hear the power in that? The love that lets someone else be who they are, without wanting or needing them to be different. And the same love that lets you be who you are with you owning your power and respectful boundaries. Something to come back to again and again!

This moment, as it is, is enough.

Ooh the beauty and love of accepting this moment and the you in this moment, so yummy! Whatever physical, emotional, relational, financial, or spiritual turmoil you may be in, could you find some enoughness, fullness, and gratitude right here with things as they are? Could you open up to more enjoyment and fulfillment than you have been allowing yourself to have? And in order for you to stay open, could you forgive the you that you have been endlessly judging and condemning? So delicious!


What are some of your favorite self-mantras to come back to again and again to fill your well and nourish your being? Please share with me with a reply. I'd love to know!

With a lot of LOVE,



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