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Deep Listening That Heals And Transforms

healing inspiration Jul 02, 2024
deep listening for healing and spiritual transformation

Here's what we all need: deep listening that heals and transforms.

Deep listening is, whatever someone brings to you, you holding the energetic container for them with presence and compassion, and not judging, labeling, or fixing them. You trust in their innate capacity to move through whatever challenging time they find themselves in. You believe in them so much that this belief is louder than your own anxiety of seeing them in pain, so you hold both your anxious self and their struggling self in love, at the same time.

When you talk to your loved ones, friends, family, or partner as you are going through a challenging time or situation, there's a possibility that their immediate response is to offer unsolicited advice. Fixing others to make yourself feel better is a trauma response that seeks to control your environment and others, under the disguise of thinking that you are being helpful.

As a listener, you need to be so aware of your body's nervous system state to know whether your response to help is coming from a place of love and it is met and welcomed by the person opposite from you (which you can easily verify and/or observe through their response to you) versus you are automatically offering a non-welcome or unnecessary solution that the other person doesn't need or didn't ask for, simply to ease your own anxiety about their discomfort.

Here's what a deep listener needs to know and do (which with the exception of Healers and trauma professionals no one knows how to do): Can you be with your own discomfort of seeing the people you love in discomfort, in order to give them what they need (not what you think they need), which is your empathetic presence and deep listening? This is different from someone specifically asking you for advice or specific help with a situation, like asking your physical help during a move. There are also times where it is your responsibility as a parent to give unsolicited advice. It is still possible in those times to also offer your undivided attention to someone and be there as a compassionate ear. Deep listening is your ability to be with your discomfort as you hear about and be with somebody else's discomfort. What allows you to stay there is for you to see and believe in their potential of moving through this discomfort in their own way, which is the thing that helps them more than anything you say or suggest or do for them can.

You also need to believe in the power of your presence. You being present to someone else's pain without trying to change or fix them, what a beautiful gift that is!

My form of listening as a Healer is deeper than even this. As a Healer, when I talk about deep listening, what I mean is that my crystalline knowing body and intuition hears and knows your crystalline body and your own inner knowing. So much so that I am hearing and knowing things that are beyond your words. I am hearing into the truth of you and your soul. Not only that, while I listen to your words, through my clairaudience I am also listening to your soul, your soul guides, and mine, telling me what to say to you next (and sometimes what not to say to you), and how to go about in your ​inner child healing​ or ​intuitive reading​. There's a deeper conversation happening beyond our conversation.

I am not just listening to your words, I am feeling your vibration. I am not just feeling your vibration, I am simultaneously listening to your soul team's guidance. What I say to you interpreting both of these may not always be comfortable but it'll be what your team wanted you to hear to put you in action. In a way, I work for your soul and soul team more than your small or struggling parts. I am here to help you bring to life your most wonderful soul potentials and assist you in shining your light with a lot of love and compassion.

Deep listening heals, the deeper listening I talk about heals and transforms. Ask yourself what you need right now. What would it mean in your life to be listened to this way? What could ease, soften, and be allowed to transform if you gave yourself the gift of receiving what you really need?

And last but not least, ​what are you waiting for to reach for what you need​?

With love,




  • My book, my website, and my sanity. As all creative endeavors, my crystal healing book and my new website are taking longer than I anticipated to get done. The guidance I keep hearing is 'keep doing what you are doing'. So I do. In the meantime, I keep nourishing my inner children. Stay tuned for more info on both!
  • Social media. I am putting an effort in sharing new moon and full moon insights, weekly reels with healing inspiration, and life moments in stories on ​Instagram​, and some fun ​YouTube​ videos diving deeper into Astrology, life, and healing. I would love for you to join me in either or both!
  • Perimenopause. I am reading and researching about this topic more and more as I find myself in the middle of this powerful transition. Here are a few nuggets I have been sharing about it on ​Instagram​.
  • My body has her own timeline. What I think or assume is ok is not always ok. And my body lets me know through exhaustion or dreams when I said yes to more than I can bite. Re-learning this one all the time!
  • Letting others be who they are. Talk about another tough one. I am reminded of this one often too!
  • I can say no to what no longer nourishes me and say yes to what does. Oh boy, this is a big one too. I said a big no last week to something that was part of my support system because it no longer felt aligned with me. Currently working on saying yes to different kinds of support for my body and nervous system, which feel much more aligned. One of them is regular sauna use (see below). Another is Pilates in a hot room.



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