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Being And Becoming

healing inspiration Feb 18, 2024

What your life boils down to is this: Everything is here to help you for being and becoming; every single emotion, situation, hardship, struggle, comfort, discomfort, and relationship.

How do you choose to be with it?

And who are you becoming as you are being with it?

Feel into these questions today:

In the face of life’s challenges, are you being and becoming a person you like (even love) who takes care of their needs with or without help?

Are you creating better boundaries in your life where your body can feel safer?

Are you leaning into more pleasure, play, and enjoyment, and moving towards what your heart wants for you?

Are you letting yourself be with the difficult as much as the good and the enjoyable?

Are you creating a life, a painting, a room, an inner life, and/or a body that is colored and shaped as your soul desires?

Are you making time to be with the people, places, sounds, animals, and plants that you love while you are present with them 100%?

Are you leaving enough room and scheduling rest for the transformational spaces where you are in between who you are and who you are destined to become and it’s all a little stressful, tight, tiring, and uncomfortable like stepping out of a cocoon?

The question isn’t how will you be cured, how will you get to where you want to go to, how will you solve the problems of life, or how will you go beyond your financial, relationship, or health issues. The questions to lean into are how are you choosing to be with it (whatever ‘it’ is for you) and who are you becoming as you do so.

So simple and so hard,

With love,



What I have been healing in myself and others:

✨ I have been enjoying doing the ​30 minute Dharmic Current Soul Astrology Readings​, where I channel symbols for your 4 year life phases as well as for any birth chart elements that speak to me. The results are a soul-touching, healing, enjoyable reading that will help you along your life path. As far as I know, no one does Astrology readings this way, mainly through intuitively channeled personalized symbols. They are sooo fun! ​BOOK YOURS​ (hint: ​CBV members​ get 44% off one Intuitive Reading per year!)

✨ Going through some not so 'fun' life lessons lately, where I am asked to say no and reestablish energetic boundaries. So necessary and so sobering. I keep coming back to ​Chakra Bliss Vault Healings and Meditations​ for much needed energetic support!


What's cooking behind the scenes:

✨ There's something new on the horizon! I had the intuitive download of a short but gets-to-the-point class for Healers. It'll be called Pricing For Healers. It is something that my Healer friends have been asking me advice for the last few years and suddenly I had the whole download of a get-it-done class about it. Basically I'll teach you ALL that I know and have learned about pricing your private healings and intuitive readings. At the end of it, you'll know how to price your offers with confidence and learn an actual logical method you can come back to over and over again. ​Click here if you are interested in it​ and you'll be the first to know when it is live!

✨ My Crystal Healing Book is almost ready to meet you! I finished writing her main chapters during the Leo Full Moon (which is a story that I will tell you about soon)! Now she needs some editing, reviewing, and she'll be all yours! In the meantime, ​check out my Self-Healing Journals​ for nourishing your inner child.


What I love lately:

✨ ​Hot Pilates classes at this amazing studio​ 

✨ ​This journaling method for creativity​ 

 â€‹This free strength workout that I do at home (and kicks my butt!) ​ 

✨ ​This software that is rocking my world and helping me organize my brain​ 

✨ ​This Feng Shui remedy for increasing abundance in my Healing Office ​*

✨ ​This water bottle​ that is my constant companion throughout the day together with ​this super tasty electrolyte powder​! *

✨ ​This yummy warm healthy drink​ 

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