Conversations With Healers

Podcast and Video Interview Series 

Features intimate, soulful, cozy conversations with self-healers and healers.

Healer to healer, we dive into all aspects of self-healing and healing, and being and becoming a healer.

Whether you are a self-healer looking for inspiration or a healer who wants to get nourished by the wisdom of other healers, you are at the right place.

These conversations will inspire your inner healer to shine.

A healer is someone who helps identify and shift vibrational patterns, holds space, helps people be ok with their past, present and future, and shares their unique gifts in their unique way to embody and channel love.

Here are some topics you will get to hear about:

  • Best self-healing tips of healers
  • What it means to heal
  • Getting to know a variety of healing modalities and how they can help you
  • The personal stories of healers and how they were led to what they do
  • Unique challenges of being a healer and how to deal with them
  • How to grow and heal as a self-healer and healer

 "Damla is an excellent host. You can tell she has thought out her episodes with careful deliberation. And she is naturally curious, which opens new channels to information and consciousness we just wouldn’t have access to if she was asking typical run-of-the-mill questions. Damla goes deeper and takes us with her!! 5⭐️ all the way!"

L. C.

Tune into past episodes:

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Healing With Water

Meet your host

Damla Aktekin is an Inner Child Energetic Wound Healer, Crystal Healing Teacher, and Soul Healing Writer who helps other self-healers and healers move beyond the energetic wounds of their inner children and shine brighter than they thought possible so that they can fully show up in their lives to heal themselves, their families, and their soul-tribe.

Through her own healing journey, she has discovered how to co-create deep healing connections with crystals. She now lovingly shares this experience through her online programs, her podcast, her writing as well as her powerful private healing sessions.

She created Conversations With Healers Podcast to inspire self-healers and healers like you to add new perspectives to your healing journey and open up to new healing possibilities.


"Damla and her guests have taught me about different healing practices that I’ve often wondered about and what it means to be a healer. I feel so peaceful after listening to these conversations. Thank you Damla!"

Sheila B.

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